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Program Adviser:
Katrin Voelkner
2009-2010 is the sixth year of a new major in the Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences: the European Studies major.

What is this major all about? It is an interdisciplinary program concentrating on Europe that attends to both humanities and social sciences. The European Studies major (ES) encourages study abroad, as well as the learning and use of European languages (for more information on study abroad: It requires a yearlong three-seminar sequence and culminates in the writing of a senior thesis under the supervision of a chosen faculty advisor. The senior thesis is meant to help ES majors integrate their studies and bring the perspectives of varied disciplines to bear on a topic of interest to them. Students who enter the major at the end of their sophomore year without having made arrangements for junior study abroad will be encouraged to complete a summer study abroad program between their junior and senior years.


The European Studies Major
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